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Since 1987 We’ve been serving greater Orange County, Huntington Beach and Long Beach residents who have workers’ compensation cases. Getting injured is always a hassle, and it’s even more so when it happens at work and you have to deal with your employer’s insurance company in addition to your own medical insurance and all of the doctors and therapists that you need to see. The paperwork is a nightmare and the stress does nothing to help your situation.

Many people may advise you to save the money and just deal with everything yourself, but you get more when you have a professional on your side. This is especially important if you need to deal with work-related death claims. In that case, there is no hope for a future. Your loved one is gone and even though you know that no amount of money will bring the individual back, you want to be compensated appropriately.

Help for People Who’ve Suffered Orange County Work Injuries

For individuals who are hurt, compensation needs to include lost wages, medical costs, ongoing therapy and medication. As an outsider to your situation, we’re able to keep our emotions outside of the case and fight for you. When you’re hurting and facing a pile of bills, it’s tempting to take the first offer that the insurance company sends to you. But we know the statistics from past clients and know when you’re getting a good deal and when you are not. Usually the first offer is a low-ball just to settle quickly. we’ll suggest you hold off on agreeing to a settlement if we are certain that you can get a better offer by waiting.

Settling out of court is usually optimal, but when circumstances dictate it, we’re always prepared to go to trial if it’s the best thing to do in order for you to get the maximum amount of compensation.

Work With a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Huntington Beach

When you’re facing time off of work due to an injury you sustained through no fault of your own, you need an experienced workers compensation attorney. Throughout the past three decades as Orange County attorneys we’ve tried more than 200 workers’ compensation cases. We draw from our educational background as well as past client cases in order to come up with a strategy for your case. We have served thousands of clients in the Huntington Beach area and are ready to help you get the results for which you’re looking. Contact our office today to set up an appointment.

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