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Edward J. Rutyna is an experienced lawyer with over thirty years of trial and litigation experience. The firm primarily handles workers’ compensation claims before the California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC), including denied claims, specific trauma claims, and repetitive injury claims, including death claims for job-induced or aggravated deaths in which surviving family members are entitled to special benefits.

Conveniently located in the Huntington Executive Park on Beach Blvd. just off the 405 freeway, the office serves clients from throughout Orange County and the Long Beach area.

For individuals living in the San Fernando Valley, by appointment I can meet prospective and existing clients at an office in Encino.

Practice areas

Edward J. Rutyna possesses a broad understanding of the legal profession, and now focuses his efforts on litigated claims before the California Division of Workers’ Compensation and related matters.  Over two decades of his career was spent representing self-insured employers, including cities and school districts, and insurance carriers, often on high exposure matters, and he is familiar with how the defendants evaluate and litigate claims. Informed referrals are made on legal issues outside of his practice area.

Death claims

The office has extensive experience litigating death claims on behalf of surviving spouses and children of workers whose death was caused or aggravated by work, for example, a heart attack or stroke that occurred during a period of heavy responsibility and stress at work.

Immigrant workers

Edward J. Rutyna and his staff are passionate about protecting the rights of immigrant, including undocumented, workers, regarding work-related injuries. Most of the staff members speak Spanish as a native language and Edward J. Rutyna has extensive experience overcoming denials and dismissal petitions due to immigration status and lack of work authorization documentation.

Services for Employers

For employers faced with petitions for benefits for discrimination under Labor Code Section 132a or for serious and willful misconduct of the employer, Edward J. Rutyna offers his significant trial and appeal experience at rates lower than most large law firms. He has represented many large self-insured employers on employment and workers’ compensation litigation ,often with defense findings at trial.


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